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In 1890, Greece outlawed the production and usage of hashish, but the laws were largely ineffective. Cannabis use rose following World War I, as Greek soldiers and refugees from now-Turkish Asia Minor arrived in mainland Greece, bringing the cannabis habit with them. This upsurge faded after World War II due to the substantial death and disorder of the German occupation. Buy weed online Greece, Weed for sale Greece, buy weed in Piraeus, order weed in Heraklion, buy marijuana in Greece

Medical cannabis

In July 2016, the Greek government formed a working group to assess. The possibilities of medical cannabis, with a report to be issue in October. Weed for sale Greece

In June 2017, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that a joint ministerial decision regarding the legality of medical cannabis had been made. Therefore, the decision, published in the Government Gazette, declared the medical use of cannabis to be legal for patients with a doctor’s prescription. With the announcement. Tsipras commented “From now on, the country is turning its page. As Greece is now included in countries where the delivery of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal.” Buy weed online Greece

In March 2018, the Greek Parliament approved a law authorizing the cultivation and production of medical cannabis in Greece

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Medicinal Weed In Greece

For the last three years, medical weed has been legal in the country of Greece. Some cannabis products and medicines are import from other countries, however Greece now has a thriving cultivation base of its own.

In 2018 the government reconsider bans on cultivation and production, allowing medical cannabis to be supply from within the country. Following these repeals, more cannabis outlets had the chance to provide customers with medicinal cannabis. Three separate licenses from the Greek government are required. The company must be legally established, and they must then apply for operations and medicinal licenses. Weed for sale Greece

Compare to some countries and regions, Greece’s medical marijuana program is quite restricte. Unless you have a commercial license, growing is still completely illegal and restricted. The list of qualifying conditions for the program is:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Nausea
  • Neuropathy Pain

New Industry For A New Economy

Greece is well know for its debt crisis in 2009. The country was beyond broke. The government, voiced by economic minister Stergios Pitsiorlas, told reporters that medicinal marijuana would have a substantial impact on the Greek economy. Therefore, this does not seem far fetched in the least. Many countries have received a large economic boost after the legalization of medicinal marijuana. In just eight years time the medical marijuana industry in Greece could be worth two billion euros.

The cannabis industry has also create huge numbers of jobs for the Greek population. After the industrial production of cannabis was legalize, thousands of positions open up. The investment capital generate from this bold move is expected to sit at around 185 million euros. From just the first two investments in cannabis production, the industry received 22 million euros and created 117 jobs. The cannabis industry could certainly prove to be a saving grace for the Greek economy. Of course, the industry is still very new, however, it’s adding money and jobs to the economy, two crucial ingredients for a recovery. buy weed in Piraeus

Greece Weed History

During the 19th century, Greece was one of many countries that enjoyed thriving hemp and hash industries. However, as time moved on and the 1800’s came to a close, Greece outlawed the plant, despite the fact that it remained largely in use well into the second world war. Order weed in Heraklion

If we want to get right into the history of weed in Greece we can go much further back. Cannabis was popular for both medicinal and recreational use as far back as 450 – 420 BCE. Ancient Greeks were big fans of the magical herb. Many references to the use of hemp have been seen in the note of Herodotus, a Greek historian. buy marijuana in Greece

He noted that Scythians added cannabis to hot rocks in the bathhouses and that they would “shout for joy”. The same plants were often use as offerings to the deceased royals. The ancient Greeks would also use cannabis to fashion poultices to reduce joint pain, ear pain, and flatulence. Scholars believed that they used cannabis to treat their pets and livestock too. buy weed in Piraeus, order weed in Heraklion, buy marijuana in Greece

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